Scott Angrave is a college graduate, a former accountant and a “not-so-perfect” English gentleman. Born in Liverpool some “forty-odd” years ago, he is often asked about his connection to The Beatles. His only claim to fame to the Fab Four is that he “was born the same year George Harrison finally reached puberty”.

Since 1987 he has spent approximately seven months out of every year touring the United States making fun of the people that inhabit his “home away from home”.

“There are so many things you take for granted in America. Everyday things you do, everyday things you say – just normal to you, but strange to someone from another country. It’s my job to point out the funny side of being in America – looking at things from the outside in.”

“Without a doubt, I get more requests to do the “word-play” bits than any other. There are literally hundreds of words in the English language that mean different things to me than they do to you.”

Angrave has penned a book entitled, “How to speak proper English (like what I do).” It provides the information every American needs when visiting the “old country” and provides tips on what NOT to say to an English person:

“You certainly don’t want to ask for a “napkin” in an English restaurant. “Napkins” to a Brit are feminine hygiene products!”.

After more than 20 years in the business, the “Limey” averages a laugh every eleven seconds in the first ten minutes of his 50-minute show. Not many comedians can boast figures like that.

Angrave appears regularly in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and headlines comedy clubs on both sides of the Atlantic as well as Canada and the Caribbean. He "pops up" as a bogus speaker at corporate events throughout the continental US - having entertained such clients as Delta Airlines, Hardee's, Alamo Rent-a-Car, and Subway. He is a regular on the nationally syndicated radio show, "John Boy & Billy". Miller Lite sponsors him for appearances at US military bases on the “Comics on Duty” tour. The USO sends him all over the world to entertain the troops. He has been seen dozens of times on national TV In the US and Canada.
When asked if he would ever return to England full-time he replies, “Not unless they get a big umbrella over the whole country.”