Angrave’s view on driving on the other side of the road:

“When I first came over here, I would be driving on the right hand side of the road but, just out of instinct, I’d reach down with my LEFT hand for the gear stick, grab hold of the door handle, and fall out of the car!”

The American prison system:

“Some states are removing the television sets from the prisons. I think we should give them a television set, but only one television channel. And that channel should be… The Preview Guide - just let them know what they’re missing!”

The immigration system:

All immigrants into this country have to fill out a psychological questionnaire. Question 92 actually reads, “Are you mentally insane?” I’m looking at that thinking, “Even if I am… How would I know?” So I wrote, “No… Yes he is!” They don’t like comedians at the immigration office.”